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We’re a creative services company, based in Detroit, Michigan. We are interested in revitalizing this amazing region, through creative services while navigating the nuanced environment of the new economy. We believe that the web has a freeing ability, an ability to show the world the amazing creative, and economic opportunities available in the renaissance city. We also believe in the power of giving back, and thats why for every 5 websites we build – we build the 6th for free.

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202 West 6th street
Royal Oak, MI 48067

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Name: Jordan Skole
Phone: (248) 955-3252

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MSU Entrepreneurship Network LMS

Probably the most technically exhaustive website we have built, is well, badass to say the least. When we were contracted by msuENet to help them take their courses online, and make them scalable we weighed our options and threw out everything that was currently available. We rolled our own LMS for the students, and they seem to be really enjoying it. Here are just a few of the features: Integrated zendesk as a forums & support system Integrated google analytics by username to track students time spent on site Heatmap mapping to track students interaction within the site, down to the pixel. Integrated gosquared to monitor live student logins Ingtegrated Olark to provide real-time support for logged in students Custom submission forms for assignments that sends an SMS message to faculty to notify them of a submitted assignment CloudFront integration to ensure the fastest possible streaming of lectures – around the world.