Portage Media Solutions


Find those hard-to-reach clients and customers with Portage Media Solutions!

Our nteractive marketing and media creative strategies will multiply your site traffic as much as ten fold by accessing a relevant, in-market audience for your business and increase your market reach significantly.

We usually bring our clients between a 10x and 25x return on their investment in the strategy, through the use of your website, blogs, podcasts and other appropriate tools for your application to reinforce the value your customers perceive.

This is accomplished by bringing industry-leading techniques, strategies, and ideas from our years of experience. Portage Media has been doing social and online media before Youtube, Facebook, and other services even existed; we've seen services, trends and fads come and go. This means we don't need to guess at your strategy, we know, after researching your particular challenge, what will work for your company.

Location Information

277 Gratiot, Suite 420
Detroit, MI 48226

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Name: Jeremiah Staes
Phone: (877) 883-7389